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Celeina Ann released her 3rd EP“Idiot Child” released last month from Gold Plant Records©︎. 

She shared stories with us about  the new EP, music videos, and projects up coming. 

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nov, 6th released EP ”Idiot Child” artwork
Photo by Haunt of Fresh / Directed by Celeina Ann

Firstly, congratulations on your release! Tell us what this title “Idiot Child” means to you.

Well it is obvious that the content of this EP which is a series of heartbreak songs, determined the direction of deciding on a title.

There’s a saying “Love is blind” right. When we fall in love, we get excited and sometimes act stupid and maybe a little childish.  Love makes you feel like you’re almost losing yourself but in the best way. “Idiot Child” is an ironic way to describe a phase of being in love.

It might sound a little harsh as a title, but I wanted to sound it that way. I wanted to make sure that the title portrait not only the good in people but the dark side as well.

Comparing to my pass resales, this title could have sounded odd as a Celeina Ann song, but I like that uncomfortableness that this title gives off. It means that my creations and myself are changing. I rather being exploring than being in a same box. That sounded such a Pisces haha.

Why 5 songs? Was it intentional? or just how it happened.

That was intentional. There were other songs that we could have included, but the concept worked the best with 5 songs, so that’s what we decided on. 

There’s a book called “On death, and dying” published in 1969. There’s a concept introduced in it called “5 stages of grief”(how to accept and overcome death)in it. Some of you may have heard of it.

“Idiot Child” is my versions of 5 steps of grief from a heartbreak. 

It might sound a little too much to treat a heartbreak as a death, but I think sometimes heartbreak can be that powerful. Being bumped is like getting a part of your heart murdered. (does this make sense? haha) Not only a heartbreak but when a relationship in family or friendship brakes, it definitely takes a while to get over it. 

The each stages of grief introduced in the book are 1. denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance. It’s described as these 5 mental states will bring peace and acceptance during facing death. “Idiot Child” talkes about these 5 stages while healing from a heartbreak. 

So, each song takes part in each stage, starting from “Purikura” talking about denial and “Sweet Revenge” describing the anger stage, “When You Fell out of Love” about bargaining, Depression “I Miss You” and “Moon” singing acceptance. 

Would love for you guys to listen to “Idiot Child” while reading the lyrics. It might be a good idea to make a blog post here with the lyrics and Japanese translation.

Lyrics sounds nice. Let’s do it! Ok, so do you have a favorite song on “Idiot Child”?

That’s a tough question. I love all of them. There were only 5 songs so I got to really love and cherish all 5 songs equally. 

When we worked on this project, me and my producer Seann Bowe got together a lot. Talked about random stuff just to get to know each other to the point where I feel comfortable to really be myself. I tend to have a hard time being creative in an uncomfortable settings. I’m finally starting to understand what’s best way for me to write. 

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Celeina Ann and Seann Bowe recording “I Miss You”

We see that you’ve been dropping many music videos. Was it planned that way from the beginning?

So at first, I wasn’t planning to release that many music videos, but with an amazing team we made it possible to release that many music videos in such short period of time! I am so appreciative of my team and the directors! We are planning to release one last music video “Moon” in January. 

For all of the music videos we went over so many meetings, but after all on the shooting day we changed some plans and got to be spontaneous. Experimenting on set was fun!  

Songs on “Idiot Child” had a distinctive concept behind it, but for the music videos we didn’t aim to have a binding concept. We tried to make a good video for each individual songs. 

Thats why there is this grand majestic music video in the nature like “I Miss You” along with “Sweet Revenge” which was shot in the middle of Shibuya. ”When You Fell out of Love” was shot at the beach 5 min away from my house. That one was really spontaneous. We decided to do that one the day before we shot it. I love the simplicity of it.

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BTS from “I Miss You” music video shoot
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BTS of “Sweet Revenge” music video

Do you have any new recent obsessions?

Gaming apps! I still play CODM every single night . And members in UCAP English Class introduce me to Among Us which is really fun as well. I sometimes play it with the UCAP members. 

This one is not a game app, but I’m finally posting on TikTok again! Once you get hocked on it, you’re forever addicted to it haha. I love watching and posting. My account is @celeina_ann. Go check it out if you have a TikTok.

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Celeina’s Tik Tok page
Click here to check out Celeina on TikTok.

Alright, final question. Any new music coming soon?

The next release is coming soon! Droppinh within this cold season before spring! “Idiot Child” was about a heartbreak, but the next single is going to be about falling in love.

Will keep you guys updated through my socials. 

I wanna output so much more next year! And do more gigs!

We cannot wait for the next music video and new music, but first let’s listen to “Idiot Child” once again.

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“Idiot Child” by Celeina Ann
Click here to listen.
Celeina Ann – "Sweet Revenge" 【OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO】
Celeina Ann – "When You Fell out of Love" 【OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO】
Celeina Ann – "Purikura" 【OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO】
Celeina Ann – "I Miss You" 【OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO】

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