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Celeina Ann released her new single “I Miss You” on October 9th from Gold Plant Records©︎. First release for Gold Plant Records, and 2 years since Celeina’s last release as her own original music.

We interviewed Celeina about her new release, and her ideas and goals about being the founder of Gold Plant Records©︎.

Celeina Ann artist photo 2020
Photo taken in sunset hours at Okinawa.

Congratulations on your release! So we know that 2 years passed since your last release. How was writing and recording “I Miss You” ?

So, It’s obvious that “I Miss You” is a heart break song. Seann Bowe and I wrote this song at a home studio in Tokyo. I think we came up with a guitar riff then at the end decided to do it on the piano. After a couple of days, Seann sent me the track with the buildup that starts around the bridge and I remember I was on the train in Tokyo, and listened to it on my earphones. And that was the moment I just knew that “I Miss You” was gonna be a perfect fit for the EP.

When I wrote this song, it was a time when I was going through some love troubles. “I Miss You” definitely portraits those emotions I was feeling then. “I Miss You” is a heart break song, but I still wanted to be beautiful. I had this vision where I’m alone In a grand mystical outlook all alone. Not crying, but pressing back hard so the loneliness and sorrow won’t crush me.

For mix and mastering, Seann’s good friend, Ruben Cardenas from the producer duo SMLE came in and did an amazing job. I couldn’t meet him in person so we had to work online. It was an interesting experience to see differences from how you will work with a Japanese producer.

The lyrics in “I Miss You” are very intriguing. May I ask how you came up with them? For example “How you used to make me pay” and “I thought that you were queer”

I’m glad you asked me about that. haha That’s exactly how I wanted people to feel. Something that people will listen back to and wonder.

So, I’m tired of people asking me if this is a true story so I will give it away. yes, it is.

It’s a true story.

Honestly I’m not a big fan of explaining lyrics. Sometimes the romance lies in the unspoken mystery. But let me talk about those 2 lines.

It might be because my mother told me this. Guys who buy you dinner will most likely be looking for something in return. haha

So I might have reversed that idea into, if I pay then nobody will get hurt.

To clarify things though, splitting the bill in half will be the perfect way to do things. haha

There could be situation where a boy could look gay but actually not. I think many girls or even boys could relate to this line. I guess I’m still learning. don’t judge a book by its cover.

 It’s funny how relationships can make you grow a lot, but at the same time it makes you do stupid things and act like an idiot child. Love doesn’t only exist between 2 lovers but its everywhere like between friends and family. I wanna learn and grow from all kinds of love. Experience pain and tenderness and everything in between.

Music video of “I Miss You” is on your YouTube channel. Was that shot in Japan? It was so beautiful!

Thank you. The music video was all shot in Japan at Aso in Kumamoto prefecture and Hakata in Fukuoka prefecture. We took it in February.

I actually directed the music video myself,and a Japanese creator crew called Haunt of Fresh was there for filming and editing. It was my first time experiencing directing a music video, but I had so much fun! I learned a lot from it.

We actually did a shooting in Chiba prefecture as well, but it was so windy that day. It was so cold. The toughest lip-syncing I ever did. haha We ended up in not using any of those scenes.

The completed music video looks so emotional with the drone footages we used. Would love for you guys to check it out if you haven’t yet!

A behind the scene shot from the shooting at Chiba photo provided by Celeina Ann

We heard that you’re now away from Tokyo and living in Okinawa. How’s living there?

Yes. I now live on a tropical island of Japan! I haven’t been public about this so some may be surprised but I move to Okinawa at the beginning of this summer and planning to live here for a year. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I actually never lived in the rural area of Japan. I wanted some changes in my life style.

I mean its only about 3 hours flight away from Tokyo, but i do get asked why so let me tell you. I just followed my guts.

So when I was a part of this morning TV show in Japan (NTV “ZIP!” Aozora Caravan) and had my own segment where I travel all over Japan, I did travel to every single prefecture in Japan. But one land I have never gone in my life was the main island Okinawa. I’ve gone to the little sub-islands around mainland Okinawa which is Ishigaki island, Taketomi island and so many more. Tokyo which is the center of Japan wasn’t the best place to stay in during the lockdown. And I always wanted to do some songwriting in the nature. On top of that by chance I watched a YouTube video about a couple that moved to Okinawa from mainland Japan. Everything seemed to make sense with each other and felt very comfortable to take a chance.

Life in Okinawa is very fulfilling for me. I go to the market and buy some tropical fruits and vegetables, cook them at home. Go to the beach and do some yoga. Swim in the ocean. I do spend more time to myself now and I am enjoying that very much.

How I approach song writing has changed too. My new lifestyle has taught me a lot as an independent artist. It’s been teaching me some technical aspect of music.

What I mean is that, for example by moving from Tokyo to Okinawa, I use the car instead of the train. It used to be me listening to music on my earphones but now it’s car stereo all day. Then you will notice that you much rather click a playlist and listen through the whole thing. The vocals have to be prominent even if you have all the windows down with wind blowing in your face. The bass has to precisely be on point with the perfect volume to tie in the whole track. Things that you will start to truly understand by living the lifestyle.

 I always dreamed about living outside of Tokyo, and finally I did it! It could take time, but always follow your heart. You don’t get to live this life again.

this beautifulness just 5 min drive away from home!
photo provided by Celeina Ann

We know that you just established this creative platform Gold Plant Records. Tell the readers more about it!

I first wanted to just create my own indies label. But honestly, self publishing labels are just basically you paying for it and publishing your art. Thats really it for you to do to claim your own label!

If I was going to do it, I actually wanted to do it. I decided to call Gold Plant Records a creative platform. So that we can do interviews, blog posts, and just be there to support small creators all over the world. I am interested in not only music but different art. What we are planning at the moment is to have a curated page where we display hand made jewelry and art so you guys can visit online anywhere from the world and purchase art pieces.

You’re releasing your EP “Idiot Child” on November 6th. Spill the deets!

YES. If you didn’t know about it put it in your iPhone calendar right now! haha I will be releasing my 3rd EP “Idiot Child” on November 6th. I will be talking about the content, but fist I want you guys to hear it!

I posted the album art on my Instagram the other day. Very excited with the respond I got.

Oh “I Miss You” will be apart of the EP as well.

November 6th release “Idiot Child” album art
Click here for Celeina’s official Instagram

Lastly, can you give a shout out to all your fans?

I will like to say thank you to all that has been supporting me. I’ve been receiving many positive reactions on “I Miss You” and I appreciate every one of them. 

By the way, I’ve opened an online community called UCAP last June. We play online games, make music together, access to UCAP exclusive merch like handprinted tees by me and more. We talk online and decide what we want to do at UCAP. Last week we did an English conversation class on ZOOM . Next week we are actually planning to do a Japanese conversation ZOOM class! UCAP is such a lovely community with members that are fun to talk to and hangout online! New members are welcomed at all times.

Click here for UCAP details

Oh and adding to that, I myself will be writing articles in the future, so don’t forget to bookmark Gold Plant Records Blog page!

Celeina Ann 3rd EP  “Idiot Child” will be releasing November 6th on all download and streaming platforms. 

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Celeina Ann – "I Miss You" 【OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO】
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